Ewa i Walla

Ewa i Walla is a design company for female fashion. It was founded in early 1990. The clothes have a sense of romance, haute couture and farmer culture. The designer Ewa i Walla is inspired by the past, the present and tomorrow. She loves to create the unexpected. The result is unique combinations between both fabric and design. Clothes – that is something else. Her passion for design is also expressed in jewellry design, pottery and painting.

Natural fabric such as cotton, linen, silk and wool constitute the base in the collections. There are two collections per year, one for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter. Each collection is shown at fairs, through agents and in a showroom in Stockholm.

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Magnolia Pearl

Magnolia Pearl is undoubtedly a completely unique brand. All items are designed and hand made by Robin “Pearl” Brown of Texas (US). Her clothes are made from vintage materials acquired by the designer herself who has an impeccable eye for good quality, beautiful, old fabrics.

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Pendragon Shoes

Established in 1987, Pendragon is the designer shoemaking duo Jackie Orme Ward and Adrian Lockwood. Their vision? To create something extraordinary and unique; a quest to bring to life shoes you’d dreamt you might one day find; shoes to desire and delight… shoes to treasure.

They accept commissions from around the world and create exclusive limited edition collections, costume shoes, one off exhibition art pieces – all designed and personally hand made. Rare buttons, antique buckles, vintage and hand tooled leathers combine to create the distinct Pendragon signature. You won’t find these shoes anywhere else!

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This page is dedicated to lightly worn clothing and footwear of upmarket designers.

Description and prices below. If you would like to buy something, please email gaynor@berenice.me.uk





Carolina Motorcycle leather boots size Euro 39 £90

Rare Golden Goose distressed leather Boots size Euro 39 £275

Vivienne Westwood fabric/leather boots size 6 £250

Vivienne Westwood Black suede/leather PIRATE boots size 6 £195

Armani 1920′s vintage inspired quilted shoes size 39 £110

Brown damaged Jacket £50

Blue patch brushed cotton skirt size M – L £100

Green kitchen check skirt size M £100

Black over dyed linen bustle skirt size M £110